Gearboxes For Sale

Pit Lane Spares stock a variety of transmissions, both new and reconditioned. We are also able to source complete transmissions on request or, in many cases, build complete gearboxes from new stock parts.


Xtrac P1529 Sequential (New) - £17,500

Brand new gearbox, top of the range transverse Xtrac unit as used in numerous current GT cars as well as the Lamborghini Super Trofeo. Still in original crate and a fraction of the original cost.


Hewland NMT-200 Sequential (New) - £12,000

Brand new build. Magnesium maincase, aluminium bearing carrier. Customer choice of ratios. Torque capacity 430nm.


Hewland EGTW Sequential (Refreshed) - £11,000

Original Seat spec with Seat WTCC adaptor plate. Refreshed by professional team and checked over by Pit Lane Spares prior to sale. A very rar opportunity to find one of these very high torque (610nm) capacity FWD gearboxes - we have been looking for 18 months to find one! Weight = 46kg. 


Hewland CST-200 Sequential (New)

Hewland CST-200 gearboxes as used in the Panoz Champ Car during the 2007 final CART season.

These gearboxes were state of the art and remain more advanced, reliable and weight-competitive than most transmissions on the market today.  

Featuring a superfinished Lola LMP1 specification geartrain, cutting edge, fully adjustable positive and negative preload differential (to this day an optional extra on top end gearboxes worth £4000 alone) these gearboxes are fully compatible with semi-auto systems (also available at additional cost). 

Torque capacity is 750nm with a total gearbox weight of 67kg.

We have huge spares availability for these transmissions and can offer a wide range of ratios to suit your application.


Hewland / Lola LT1B  Sequential (New)

Extremely lightweight transmission as used in Lola B02/50 F3000 and Auto GP. Magnesium cased, build with a choice of ratios. Brand new build from Pit Lane Spares original new stock parts.


Hewland / Lola Sportscar Transmission (New) - £20,000

Top of the line magnesium cased transmission designed by Hewland and Lola for the LMP1 and LMP2 cars used through 2005-2012. Built with a choice of ratios this is a brand new build from Pit Lane Spares original new stock parts with an original list price of over £60,000.


<<SOLD>> Xtrac P279 / P229 / P269 Sequential (Refreshed) - £7500 (without differential) or £18,000 (with differential)

The P229 range of gearboxes was one of Xtrac's most succesful sportscar transmissions, finding use in the Dallara SP1 LMP1, Riley & Scott MK111 and a number of other top end sportscars. The P279 derivative we have here has some small tweaks to suit the Dome S101 and S101.5 LMP1 cars and was bought by us directly from Dome themselves. Can be offered with or without the top of the line viscous combination differential.




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Lola T97/00 Section Added

We have just added the T97/00 to our Lola shop. We have hundreds of parts for these cars, all brand new. This section will be divided into categories in months to come but for now you can see all parts here.

20th April 2021

New Website Goes Live!

  Welcome to the new Pit Lane Spares website! The new site allows you to: - Find and view photos of thousands of parts in stock and available to order - Search the website by part number and download a list of all available parts for your car / gearbox - Download our entire Lola,...

22nd February 2021

New Gearboxes + FTR, DGN, EGTW Ratios in Stock

01/09/2020 ​ We have been very busy! Since our last update we have added the following parts to our inventory: ​ - More than 30 new EGTW gearsets - More than 30 new FTR gearsets - More than 50 new DGN gearsets - A complete EGTW transmission and spare EGT casings - A comp...

8th September 2020